Five Tips to Take Your Amazon Business to the Next Level

Choosing to sell products through Amazon FBA Australia offers access to a growing customer base. Almost anyone can select a few best-selling products and start generating a profit. However, a little more work is needed to take your business to the next level.

Here are five simple tips you can use to take your Amazon business from good to great.

1. Do Not Attempt to Compete with Amazon

Some of the most popular items are sold and fulfilled by Amazon, including most electronics, video games, and name-brand clothing items. The company also has a growing selection of Amazon-branded products for the home and office.

Instead of trying to compete with Amazon and well-established sellers, focus on a niche market. Find a product category that Amazon does not have a monopoly on, such as tools, gadgets, outdoors, industrial, and scientific products.

2. Perform Research to Find the Most Profitable Products

Focusing on a niche product category helps limit the amount of competition. It also limits the number of customers who are likely to show an interest in your products. Careful product research helps you select the most profitable products. Avoid seasonal products, as they do not sell well year-round. Any remaining inventory may add to your storage fees.

You should also select products with a higher profit margin, even when selling low-cost items. For example, earning $5 on a $15 item may not seem like much money until you sell 1000 units.

3. Optimize Your Listings for the Buy Box

Amazon’s Buy Box is the white box that contains the cart button, price, shipping info, and seller. If multiple sellers sell the same item, Amazon uses a ranking system to pick the seller that gets the sale.

Over 80% of sales go through Amazon’s buy box, making it an important consideration. To increase your seller ranking, you need to avoid defects, cancellations, and refunds. You also need to set the right price. Offering the lowest price significantly increases your chances of appearing in the Buy Box.

4. Use Amazon Repricing Software

Setting the right price is key to winning the Buy Box, but you also need to generate a healthy profit. Amazon repricing software helps you balance your pricing based on your goals. The software allows you to select a pricing strategy. It then automatically adjusts the prices of your products to help you stay competitive.

Keep in mind that other top sellers are also likely to use repricing software. However, the software saves you time so you can focus more of your attention on selecting the right products.

5. Streamline Your Fulfilment Process

Joining Amazon FBA Australia offers advantages and disadvantages compared to “fulfilled by merchant” shipping. FBA sellers do not need to store inventory or worry about shipping products directly to customers. However, Amazon FBA can also come with added costs and challenges.

If you use FBA, you need to deal with Amazon’s packaging requirements and costly long-term storage fees. Working with an FBA prep service helps streamline your fulfillment process, which results in the following benefits:

  • Save time and money
  • Avoid Amazon’s penalties
  • Increase customer satisfaction

FBA prep services save you time by tracking your inventory and sending items off to Amazon’s warehouse as needed. You end up with fewer items stored in Amazon’s warehouse, helping to cut costs.

An FBA prep service also inspects your packages for compliance with Amazon’s requirements. You avoid the risk of having to pay Amazon to repackage your goods and getting penalized in the process. These benefits make it easier to focus on running your business.

Contact Easy FBA Prep to explore convenient FBA prep services and take your Amazon business from good to great.

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