How Amazon FBA Can Help You Turn a Product Into a Bestseller

Amazon Australia launched at the end of 2017 and now offers over 100 million products in 29 different categories. Despite the large selection of goods, Amazon also offers room for new goods, especially for Amazon FBA sellers.

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) allows third-party sellers to ship items from an Amazon fulfillment center. Shoppers receive their purchases more quickly, which makes it easier to build momentum for a recently introduced product.

Keep reading to find out why Amazon FBA Australia is the perfect solution for introducing a product or turning a marginal product into a bestseller.

Lower Shipping Costs May Allow You to Lower Your Prices

Becoming an Amazon FBA seller allows you to fulfill orders through Amazon’s massive fulfillment system, which includes six large fulfillment centers throughout Australia. Amazon FBA Australia may help you cut costs on shipping and fulfillment, which translates to higher profit margins. Instead of taking the extra profit, you can reduce the prices of items that you want to turn into bestsellers.

Lowering your prices may boost sales and attract more interest in the product that you want to promote. If it is an existing item, individuals that saved the product to their wish lists are likely to notice the price drop.

Selling on Amazon Gives You Access to Larger Marketplace

If you currently only use a single platform, such as Shopify, you may be missing out on the opportunity to reach more customers. You can take a marginal product from one marketplace and turn it into a bestseller on Amazon.

Amazon Australia is the company’s fastest-growing marketplace. Revenue in the country topped $1 billion in 2020. With access to a larger customer base, you can sell more units.

Using Amazon FBA Helps Customers Receive Products More Quickly

Customers shop on Amazon for convenience, including fast shipping and a wide selection of products. Items that take weeks to arrive may not sell as quickly.

Amazon Prime members in Australia also enjoy free expedited delivery of local items in metro areas, which covers 90% of Amazon’s Australian customer base. Items that qualify for expedited delivery must be stored at a local fulfillment center, ready for shipment.

You can also streamline your delivery methods with the help of an FBA prep service. Instead of shipping everything to an Amazon fulfillment center, you can store your inventory at an FBA prep center. The prep center ensures that your packages meet Amazon’s packaging guidelines and helps you manage your costs.

Amazon FBA Allows You to Meet Demand for Best-Selling Products

Along with ensuring that customers receive products quickly, Amazon FBA Australia provides the infrastructure needed to sell large quantities of a product. You need to sell a lot of an item for it to become a bestseller.

Whether you rely on Amazon’s warehouses or an FBA prep center, you can continue to meet the demand for a best-selling product.

Finding the Right Niche Market Provides More Opportunities

Amazon has over two dozen product categories, each with its own bestseller list. Each list includes up to 100 products. However, some categories have a limited selection of products. Finding a niche subcategory with fewer items makes it easier to end up on the bestseller list. However, you still need to ensure that the category is related to your product to avoid misleading shoppers.

The bottom line is that Amazon FBA gives you a greater chance to sell more products, including products that may not have sold as well on other platforms. To increase your chance of success, consider partnering with an FBA prep service to streamline your fulfillment process.