How to Optimize Your Amazon FBA Australia Product Listings

Getting Amazon customers to find and buy certain products can be a challenge, which is why you should take the time to optimize your listings. Let’s get started.

Use Keyword Research for Amazon Listings

Optimizing your Amazon FBA Australia product listings starts with keyword research. Find the keywords that customers are most likely to use when searching for your product.

You can use Amazon’s search box for help with your keyword research. The autocomplete feature in the search bar gives you an idea of what people search for most. The search box and Amazon’s “suggested categories” page should also help you find related terms.

Include your main keyword and related terms throughout your product listings without overusing them. The main keyword should appear in the title, the description, and the physical product packaging if possible.

Use Relevant and Descriptive Titles for Your Products

The product title is one of the most important parts of a listing. Amazon’s search algorithm uses product titles to help match products to customer queries.

Amazon recommends using about 60 characters for the product title. Though most categories have a 200 character title limit so a longer title could help make your listing clearer, more relevant and descriptive.

Here are a few additional rules for optimizing your Amazon product listing titles:

  • Do not capitalize the entire title
  • Use numerals instead of spelling out numbers
  • Avoid using special characters

The goal of the title is to clearly describe what the product is and how its features may be suitable to the potential buyer. You can also look at comparable products and the top-selling products in the same category for inspiration.

Optimize the Product Description and Features

Along with the title, Amazon’s search algorithm uses the content in the product description of your Amazon FBA Australia listing. The product description is also responsible for getting people to buy your product after clicking on it from a search result.

The product description should help customers understand the key features and benefits of your product. Include all details that you think customers may need to know when making a buying decision. Depending on the product, you may need to list the size, color, material, weight, and other details.

If your product has a brand, include the brand name in the product description. You should also add the same brand name to the “brand” field.

The typical product description includes a short paragraph summarizing the main characteristics of the product. The opening paragraph is followed by bullet points. Each bullet point should describe one of the main features of the product.

Always Use High-Quality Images for Listings

A high-quality image can attract a customer’s attention and entice them to purchase a product. People are more likely to skip past a product listing with a blurry or unattractive image.

Take multiple photos from a variety of angles. Always use clean, simple backgrounds that do not distract from your product. Images should also measure at least 1000 x 1000 pixels for optimal clarity on any device.

Set the Right Price for Your Amazon FBA Australia Products

Some customers filter Amazon search results based on price. Optimizing your product price may make your products more discoverable.

Consider using the “Compare Prices Off Amazon” feature when available. This option is available when you use the “Competitive Lower Price” or “Competitive Buy Box” rule in your product listing settings. This feature automatically matches the price of your product to the current competitive price to boost your chances of winning the buy box.

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