Five Benefits of Amazon FBA Prep Services and How to Pick the Right One

Using an FBA prep service could be the key to increased profits on Amazon. Amazon Australia continues to grow as shoppers and sellers take advantage of everything the platform has to offer. Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) is one of the reasons for the company’s growth.

Amazon FBA Australia allows sellers to rely on Amazon’s growing logistics capabilities to swiftly deliver products. However, Amazon has strict requirements that could result in delays or extra fees for those that are not careful.

Outsourcing your packaging and shipping to a third party simplifies your prep work while delivering many added benefits. Here are five ways that an Amazon FBA prep center can help boost your success.

1. Increased Compliance

Complying with Amazon’s packaging requirements is one of the main reasons businesses work with FBA prep services. The list of prep requirements is extensive. Boxing, wrapping, and labeling must comply with the smallest of details. Failure to comply results in extra fees and may delay your products.

You can rely on a prep service for package inspection and repackaging. If anything is out of order, the prep center takes care of it for you. You also have the option of letting the prep service handle all the packaging. Simply send your products to the prep center and let them ensure each unit meets Amazon’s requirements.

2. Better Management

Working with a prep service makes it easier to manage inventory, workers, and virtually every area of your business operations. Using a third party to handle packaging, storage, and shipping streamlines your business. You have fewer tasks to deal with internally, helping you focus on other areas of your business.

If you have staff, you and your employees spend less time managing inventory. This reduces pressure on you and your team. By streamlining your daily operations, you can manage every area of your business with greater ease.

3. Increased Productivity and Morale

FBA prep services handle tasks that could easily eat up time and internal resources. Freeing up staff to spend more time on their key responsibilities helps increase productivity and morale. Your team has greater freedom to do their job well, which makes everyone happier and more effective in their roles.

4. Alternative Storage Options

Amazon FBA Australia provides storage for items that move through its supply chain. However, Amazon also imposes storage limits and charges higher fees for long-term storage. Allowing your items to sit in Amazon’s warehouses eats into your profits.

Instead of Amazon’s warehouse, some sellers store items in their houses or rent warehouse space. Filling your living space with boxes of products is inconvenient and risky. Renting a warehouse can dramatically increase your operating costs.

An FBA prep center offers a better storage solution. A prep service stores your items and sends them to Amazon’s warehouses when needed. You reduce your reliance on Amazon’s warehouses while ensuring your products still reach customers swiftly.

5. Saves Time and Money

The combination of advantages provided by an FBA prep service saves both time and money. Growing a business requires you to track and manage everything, which makes your time a valuable resource. An FBA prep service frees up time by letting others handle tedious tasks, such as complying with Amazon’s packaging requirements.

Complying with Amazon’s requirements also saves money by eliminating penalties and fees. Reaching your customers quickly while saving on storage and prep work increases your potential profits.

Choosing the right FBA prep center allows you to fully enjoy the benefits discussed. Features such as on-demand inventory tracking help you track and manage your inventory with greater ease. The prep service you pick should also offer storage and versatile packaging options, including bundling and carton forwarding.

Easy FBA Prep has the solutions needed to streamline your shipping and inventory management. Unlock your full potential as an Amazon FBA Australia seller. Contact us today to get started.