How to Sell More Products with Amazon FBA Australia

Want to sell more products online? Amazon Australia offers the perfect opportunity for those who get involved soon. Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace, yet Amazon Australia is still in its infancy. Acting now could position you as a top seller.

Keep reading to find out why Amazon Australia is the next big market for selling online.

Why Sell on Amazon Australia?

Fast deliveries, low prices, and a wide selection of products make Amazon the top place to shop. Amazon now operates 18 country-specific sites. Australia joined the list in December 2017.

Listing products on allows you to target customers in a thriving market. is the dedicated Amazon marketplace for Australians. It brought in a little over $500 million in revenue in 2019. Sales more than doubled in 2020, topping over $1 billion in revenue.

Despite massive sales, the Australian eCommerce industry is still relatively small. Online sales account for less than 10% of all retail business in the country. In the coming years, Amazon Australia should start to take up a larger share of the retail market. More people will discover the convenience of shopping on Amazon Australia. This is a trend that Amazon has experienced in other countries.

Australia Is Amazon’s Fastest-Growing Market

In 2016, just five years ago, Amazon generated a little over $10 billion in sales in Japan and $14 billion in Germany. By 2020, the sales figures in both countries had doubled. Amazon doubled its sales in Australia in a single year. Amazon Australia is currently the company’s fastest-growing marketplace.

Unlike Amazon in other countries, most of the products sold on Amazon Australia come from third-party sellers instead of Amazon. However, there are currently less than 25,000 active sellers on the site. Over one million sellers list products on Amazon in the US.

You have less competition on Amazon Australia compared to other sites. With less competition, it becomes easier to reach your target audience and find a niche for your business. Acting now helps you position yourself as a top seller before the market becomes more crowded.

Now that Amazon Australia is picking up steam, you have the chance to meet increasing demand from online shoppers, especially when using Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).

Why Sell Products Using Amazon FBA Australia?

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) is a program that streamlines the eCommerce fulfillment process. Instead of shipping directly to customers, you send products to Amazon. Amazon stores your items in a warehouse until a customer makes a purchase. The company then picks, packs, and ships the order.

A large portion of Amazon Australia’s top sellers use the FBA program. It allows customers to receive their orders faster. As Amazon handles the shipping, you do not need to deal directly with customer support and returns. Customers send inquiries directly to Amazon.

FBA is also suited for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. You can start small and scale your business while letting Amazon deal with inventory management. Amazon FBA Australia is not just for Australian businesses. International Amazon FBA sellers can start selling on to increase their reach and target more customers.

Using Amazon FBA is convenient. Yet, it is not a hassle-free system. You still need to prepare products for transportation to their fulfilment centers. Amazon also charges for storage space. The company offers reasonable fees for short-term storage, but the long-term storage fees are nearly 10 times higher. Dealing with these issues is why many sellers choose to use FBA prep services.

What Is an Amazon Prep Service?

An Amazon FBA prep service simplifies how you send products to Amazon fulfilment centers. Amazon has strict requirements for preparing and transporting products to its warehouses. If you fail to follow Amazon’s guidelines, you may be charged unplanned service fees. A missing barcode costs $1.62. Incorrect or missing packaging costs $1.90 per product.

At Easy FBA Prep, we eliminate the headaches of dealing with Amazon’s FBA policies. We take care of the prep work so you can focus on growing your business.

We inspect everything for shipping damage and enter your products into our inventory management system. We then carefully prep your products based on Amazon’s strict requirements whether you need labels, bubble wrap, poly bags, or other requirements. We also offer competitive prices for storage at our off-site warehouse. We securely store your products until you need to send them to Amazon.

How to Get Started

Selling on Amazon Australia is easy. You just need to create a seller account and add a few product listings. You can start with a small number of products to test the marketplace. After adding products, the next steps would typically include preparing and shipping your products to Amazon. With prep services from Easy FBA Prep, you simply send us your products and we take care of the rest.

Amazon Australia is expected to grow steadily over the coming years. Start selling through Amazon FBA Australia to reach more customers and expand your business. Contact us today to get started!