The Definitive Guide to Selecting an FBA Prep Service

You’ve decided to start selling on Amazon Australia using the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) program. The next step is selecting the right Australian FBA prep service.

Amazon Australia is the company’s fastest-growing marketplace. With Amazon FBA, you can ensure that customers receive products as quickly as possible. You send your products to an Amazon fulfillment center where they are stored until someone places an order.

Amazon FBA also comes with extensive requirements and guidelines. The variety of requirements may keep you from quickly scaling your business and taking advantage of a growing market.

Using an FBA prep service provides an alternate solution. Sending your products to an FBA prep center streamlines the way you sell on Amazon Australia.

Use the following guide to learn how to select an FBA prep service in Australia.

What Is an Australian FBA Prep Service?

Before choosing an FBA prep service, it is important to understand how the service works. FBA prep services in Australia handle the preparation of products for Amazon FBA and other online marketplaces.

Instead of shipping products to Amazon, you send them to an FBA prep center. As soon as your items arrive at the prep center, they are added to an inventory tracking system. The items are then prepared according to Amazon’s requirements and shipped to an Amazon FBA fulfillment center.

You also have the option of storing your products at the FBA prep center instead of sending them directly to Amazon. This provides an alternative to Amazon’s storage fees.

Why Use FBA Prep Services?

Using an FBA prep service allows anyone to sell products through Amazon FBA without dealing with the typical hassles. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Save time and money
  • Ensure FBA compliance
  • Easy inventory tracking

Complying with Amazon’s packaging requirements is often time-consuming. You need to ensure that every item includes the right type of packaging requirements. FBA prep services take care of FBA compliance for you.

Every item that you send to an FBA prep center is also logged into an inventory tracking system. You can quickly see how much inventory you have in stock and send more products as needed.

The bottom line is that an FBA prep service simplifies the process of selling items on Amazon. However, it is also important to take the time and find the right prep services.

What to Look for in FBA Prep Services in Australia

Selecting the right FBA prep service helps ensure that everything runs smoothly. You gain peace of mind knowing that your inventory is accounted for and ready to ship to an Amazon warehouse.

Some of the criteria to consider when evaluating your options include turnaround time, FBA compliance, and experience with logistics. Here is a closer look at the essential features that an FBA prep service should provide.

Fast Turnaround

Turnaround time is an important factor, as inefficient prep services reduce the benefits of selling through Amazon FBA. Delays limit your ability to ship items to customers quickly and keep up with demand for hot products.

Amazon opened its first Australian fulfillment center in Melbourne in 2017. Warehouses in Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane followed. The company is now working on opening its sixth center to expand its delivery capabilities.

If you cannot get products to Amazon quickly, you may miss out on sales opportunities. Look for FBA prep services that offer fast turnaround times. At Easy FBA Prep, we process prep requests as soon as possible to ensure your products get to Amazon promptly.

Fully FBA Compliant

FBA compliance is another essential requirement to expect from an FBA prep service. Sending non-compliant items to Amazon results in unplanned service fees. The fees increase in value each time that you send a non-compliant item.

Repeat problems may also result in the suspension of your seller account. Luckily, you can reduce these risks by using an FBA prep service that understands and follows Amazon’s packaging guidelines to help ensure FBA compliance.

Cost-Effective Solutions

The FBA preparation services that you use should provide a cost-effective option for dealing with the logistics of Amazon FBA Australia. Avoid working with companies that have complex pricing structures. They are more likely to include hidden fees and other unexpected charges that limit your potential profit.

At Easy FBA Prep, we keep our pricing simple. You can use our price calculator to instantly estimate the cost of our services.

Amazon and Logistics Expertise

The success of Amazon Australia has led many companies to start offering FBA preparation services for domestic and international sellers. A newly established company may lack the expertise needed to keep up with your orders.

The company that you work with should have experience outside of Amazon FBA prep. Partner with a company that understands the 3PL (third-party logistics) industry. Industry knowledge allows FBA prep service providers to deal with unexpected delays and deliver a more efficient service.

Prep/Inventory Tracking

The leading FBA prep services in Australia provide access to on-demand inventory tracking. Without accurate, real-time tracking, you may ship too much or too little of a product. Inventory forecasting becomes more of a challenge.

Dependable prep services ensure that you always know where your products are and whether they are ready for Amazon FBA. With Easy FBA Prep, you can view your inventory, manage orders, and ship products to Amazon from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Flexible Prep Services

Every business has unique needs, which is why it helps to have a flexible FBA prep service. The company that you work with should tailor its services to address your requirements.

For example, along with standard FBA prep, you may require bundling services. Bundling allows you to combine two or more products into a new SKU to generate more revenue per order.

Some products may also require special packaging or labeling, such as FNSKU barcodes, polybags, or suffocation warnings. You may also occasionally need to create Amazon removal orders to minimize Amazon’s long-term storage fees. A reliable FBA prep service can handle these tasks by crafting the service around your business needs.

Location in Australia

Getting your products to customers quickly depends on the location of the Amazon prep center where you send items. If you want access to Amazon Australia’s largest warehouse, choose a prep service with a warehouse in Sydney.

Sydney is home to two Amazon warehouses, including the company’s latest robotics fulfillment center. The robotics warehouse will be the largest in the southern hemisphere with a capacity to hold more than 11 million items. 


Amazon Australia sales exceeded $1 billion in 2020 and may quadruple by 2023. Selling on Amazon Australia opens the doors to more customers and sales, especially when using Amazon FBA.

With FBA prep services in Australia, you can ensure that your products are ready for purchase. You increase your ability to comply with Amazon’s FBA policies and gain superior inventory tracking features. You may even save money on storage.

At Easy FBA Prep, we offer transparent pricing and no lock-in contracts. You know upfront how much you are going to spend. You can also rely on our logistics experts for a faster turnaround time from our Sydney prep center.

If you want to grow your business on Amazon Australia, contact us at Easy FBA Prep to start preparing your inventory.