What Products Sell Best on Amazon Australia Compared to Other Markets?

Amazon Australia offers an exciting opportunity for international Amazon FBA sellers looking to expand their reach. Yet, selling products in another country also comes with challenges, including selecting the right products.

Not all products that sell well in the USA, UK, or Canada sell well in Australia. Before building your inventory, you should find out what sells in Australia compared to other markets.

Why Do Some Products Sell Better in Other Countries?

Some products are universally popular. For example, clothing and consumer electronics are big sellers in almost every market. However, as you get into some of the smaller categories, you may find that some products only sell well in certain countries.

The reasons why some products sell better in other countries are due to geography, culture, and dozens of other factors. For example, you are unlikely to sell many heavyweight winter coats in Australia due to the warmer climate.

Personal tastes also vary from one culture or society to the next. The two best-selling books on Amazon’s US marketplace discuss the state of American politics while the top two titles on Amazon Australia are self-help books.

Access to products may also be different in some countries due to restrictions on Amazon FBA sellers. Amazon maintains a list of restricted and prohibited products for each marketplace, including Australia. For example, you cannot sell sky lanterns, floating lanterns, vehicle tires, or gift cards through FBA Australia.

Popular Products That May Not Sell Well in Australia

Australian consumers shop for many of the same product categories as consumers in other countries. Clothes, electronics, books, movies, music, and games are popular categories on Amazon Australia.

However, online shoppers in Australia tend to spend less on the following items:

  • Shoes
  • Cosmetics
  • Bags and accessories
  • Household appliances

About half of all online shoppers worldwide have purchased shoes online. Yet only 29% of Australians shopped for footwear on Amazon Australia and other online retailers. Cosmetics, accessories, and household appliances are also popular product categories in the USA, UK, and other parts of the globe. However, these categories do not perform as well in Australia.

What Categories of Products Are Most Popular in Australia?

Australia remains an attractive option for businesses and Amazon FBA sellers that want to reach more customers. Amazon Australia reported $1.12 billion in sales in 2020, which was a 99.4% increase from the previous year. To receive your share of the market, you just need to find the right products.

Over 50% of Australians have bought clothes online, making clothing the most popular product category in the country. Athleticwear is one of the best-selling categories of clothes in Australia. Popular products include compression shorts, compression shirts, waist trainer corsets, running socks, and yoga pants.

Physical media is the second most popular product category on Amazon Australia. Australians purchase more books, movies, music, and games online compared to the international average. If you have products in these categories that already sell well, you may make a profit with them in Australia.

However, the genres of the titles that you sell may also impact your sales. Pop, American country, R&B, and hip hop are the best-selling music categories in the United States. While international pop artists enjoy success in Australia, the other music genres are less likely to sell well.

Tastes in movie and book genres also vary. Some of the most popular movie genres in Australia include comedy, documentaries, and dramas. However, media sold in Australia needs to display the Australian classifications ratings.

Consumer electronics is the third-biggest product category on Amazon Australia, after clothing and physical media. Some of the best-selling consumer electronics in Australia include:

  • Wireless headphones
  • Screen protectors
  • Phone holders
  • Phone cases
  • Power cords

These products may also sell well in Europe and North America, but streaming devices, routers, and televisions are among the fastest-selling electronics outside of Australia. Stationery and office supplies are also top sellers on Amazon Australia. Copy paper, tape, scissors, and erasers sell quickly but offer limited profit margins.


What sells well for you in Europe or North America may not sell as well in Australia. Consumers in different regions have different tastes, interests, and needs.

After reviewing some of the most popular product categories in Australia compared to other markets, you may start to notice a trend. The best-selling items on Amazon Australia are often related to active lifestyles. Wireless headphones, athleticwear, and health and fitness products sell well.

In the end, choosing the right products to sell on Amazon Australia is one-half of the challenge. You also need to consider how you plan on dealing with product fulfillment. If you want to streamline your inventory management and get products to customers faster, consider using an Australian FBA prep service.

Whether you are an international seller or Australian entrepreneur, Easy FBA Prep can handle the preparation and logistics of your Amazon orders so you can focus more on selecting the right products.