Easy FBA Prep was born out of the challenges we faced firsthand working with different prep centres when expanding our Amazon business internationally. Initially the communications was prompt, but during the busy period it took us days to get any responses or status updates for a number of critical shipments going to Amazon. We also didn’t know when our shipments arrived at the warehouse or when they got shipped out. And then when our products were finally sent out, we’d get stung by a new fee that wasn’t mentioned before.

We knew we weren’t the only ones frustrated by this and that there had to be a better way.

At Easy FBA Prep, we have put together a team of eCommerce specialists and logistics experts who can help get your products to Amazon FBA correctly, quickly and economically every time. Our Amazon specialists have navigated the various FBA requirements of Amazon Australia as well as the US, UK and Canadian marketplaces. While our team of 3PL experts have helped hundreds of Australian and international businesses manage the logistics for thousands of their customers for more than 20 years.

Our Location

Being based in Sydney’s western suburbs, we have direct access to Australia’s largest population base as well as its busiest transport hub. Whether your goods are sent via air, sea or road, it will move swiftly to and from Amazon including their new Kemps Creek warehouse which is the largest warehouse in Australia.