FBA Prep Services


Our warehouse accepts shipments of all sizes whether they are cartons, pallets or containers. Upon arrival, we inspect each box for shipping damage and then enter them into our inventory management system so they become fully traceable.


Whether you require short or long-term storage, your goods will be securely stored in our warehouse at one of the most competitive storage rates in the market. If you are getting stung by Amazon's long term storage fees or have inventory limits, let us store your products at market leading rates to cover all your Amazon 3PL needs.

Carton Forwarding

If some of your products don't require prep, we can forward those cartons directly to Amazon or another destination. We will inspect your cartons for any transit damage and remove old shipping labels to prevent any mix ups when forwarding them on. Of course, we will be forwarding your prepped products to Amazon as well.

Pick and Pack Orders

When you send your products to us, not only are you tapping into Amazon's incredible FBA infrastructure but you also have access to the vast sales opportunities outside of Amazon. Whether you sell on your own website, eBay, Catch or another marketplace, our team of 3PL (Third Party Logistics) specialists will get your orders to your customers quickly and economically each time.

Labelling (FNSKU & Other Labels)

One of the keys to being FBA ready is having the correct labelling on your products. These include Amazon's FNSKU product barcode, suffocation warning, fragile and sold as set labels among others. While you could ask your supplier to manage each of your marketplace's labelling, many times it is easier to have a local prep service (like us) apply the country specific labels (e.g. FNSKU) onto the products for you.

Amazon FBM Orders

Whether you sell on Amazon using FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant), FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) or a combination of the two, we can help you out. And if you ever need to switch from Amazon FBA to FBM (or vice versa), we can seamlessly transition your orders from one to the other.


As Amazon FBA doesn't accept loose products, we can package your items into poly bags that meet Amazon's packaging requirements. And if your carton was damaged during transit, we can also help transfer your products into a brand new box.

Bundling / Kitting

Bundling (or kitting) is a quick and easy way to expand your product range and grow sales by combining two or more existing items into a new SKU. Instead of asking your suppliers to produce all the different bundles, we can help you create the specific combinations that work best for your target market. And you are only limited by your imagination with the types of bundles you can dream up.

Other Prep Services

Whether you need us to handle your returns or have other custom prep requirements, our logistics experts have probably handled it before. We are an agile team and will work around your business processes rather than you having to work around us. Just send us a message to discuss what you need done.

FBA Prep Management

Quickly and easily manage your FBA prep services from anywhere.

Inventory Management

From your smartphone, tablet or computer, always know how much inventory you have in stock. Quickly and easily add new products that you are planning to send in.

Order Management

Check out the status of your current orders as well as all your order history. Forgot to place an order? No problem, create a new order in minutes directly from your phone.

Shipment Management

Quickly and easily add new shipments going to Amazon FBA and to our warehouse. See your shipments in progress as well as details of your previous shipments.

Ready to Get Your FBA Shipments into Amazon Fast & Hassle Free?